Monday, September 26, 2011

accurate information

last week we spent a majority of our time discussing accurate information and comparing it to inaccurate information. The importance of this is to be as accurately informed as possible. Not until this weekend did I understand the point to learning these things. In the gospel, we are encouraged to know our stuff. To understand principles and their importance. In the changing world today, it is hard to know what is fact with so many sources floating around. If we develop the ability to find good sources, we will be able to have knowledge and truth that is never conflicting. These things make me think about all of the false information about the LDS Church that is out there. I have heard so many ridiculous things that people think is fact about Mormons. I take comfort knowing that the true resources about the church are the scriptures, ordained brotheren, and church approved websites such as, or

Monday, September 19, 2011

first week of class

Something that Brother Williams said this week really hit home for me. He said, that "Covenants are made in the Temple, and covenants are kept in the home." I think the reason this statement really stayed with me is because I am preparing to go to the Temple in a few short weeks.

The Temple and the covenants made there make families eternal. This excites me greatly because it is my greatest desire to have my family bonds even after this life. I think the greatest part of God's plan for us is the opportunity we all have to be part of a family. It is the the foundation of all relationships we have.

Nothing is more appealing to me than to go to the Temple with my sweetheart in two and a half weeks and be sealed together for all time and eternity. We will receive the assurance that our family will always be together, no matter the storms that blow through life. This knowledge brings me happiness.

The second part of his statement, "covenants are kept in the home," makes me think of right now. I just moved into my own apartment, where my fiance' will join me after we are married. I think about the things I am doing right now in my home not only to prepare, but to also establish a home that I can someday continue the celestial work at. Right now my goal is to get everything organized and where is should be. Not only will this allow me to relax, but it will also allow the spirit to be present. I know that the presents of the spirit in the home can make all the difference in the world. I also know that it will allow me to learn more about the gospel and better myself and strengthen my testimony.