Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Class this week has been about love. I thought it was interesting to learn that English is one of the only languages that only has one word to describe "Love". In Greek there are 4 different words to describe 4 different types of love. Eros- Romantic, sexual. Agape- "Christian". Storge- parent-child. Philia- Brotherly, friendship. So which one is real love? All of them are. When I was just getting married, my wise aunt told me that true love isn't solely based upon the Eros type of love because the romance and sexual aspect of a relationship will eventually fade and be put on the back burner. It is so important for us to have a strong friendship with your spouse because that is where all of the four types of love originate. 

A touchy subject- homosexuality

I am late writing this. Life happens. Last week class was very enlightening. we discussed a topic that is often never discussed within the education system. We discussed homosexuality and the patters that have been observed to cause homosexuality. Contrary to what the media has presented, more scientific studies and observations are concluding that homosexuality is not an orientation you can be born into. Another pattern observed is that those who consider themselves to be gay have been sexually abused previously in their life. We continued to discuss what the leaders in our church have addressed homosexuality. They have acknowledged that homosexuality is a legitimate thing that individuals are faced with. They continue to plainly say that acting upon these feelings is wrong. Something significant that they addressed is how they have the same expectations for those who have homosexual feelings as those who are heterosexual. They expect that they will remain pure and not act upon immoral temptations. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holy Moly

So I know I am posting late, but I have a really really great excuse.... My excuse is that  I got married! yay! the Most important part is that I was blessed to be able to be married in the Denver Temple. Last week was literally a blur, especially classes. So I am going to write about my experience of the Temple. The first and greatest thing I noticed was the calming peace in the Temple. As soon as I entered, all the stresses of planning the later reception and sticking to a schedule faded away. It was so wonderful to be able to share this peace with my sweetheart. It was great to have both of our families inside with us. The spirit was so strong that I immediately started crying. It was comforting to see that my husband Jayce was crying also. I gained an appreciation of the atonement of Jesus Christ. Without his sacrifice, it would not be possible to have eternal life and be able to be with my loved ones forever. There is so much more that I wish to share, but due to its personal nature, I won't. I recommend that everyone gets to the Temple, so that they will have the joy of experiencing the feelings that I have.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Last week of September

As September closes, October opens and soon I will be married. 4 days to be exact. Who's counting though? In  family relations, we discussed relationships within the family. This meaning that boundaries are generally made as exclusive relationships are strengthened. An example being that a daughter is extremely close to her mother. She talks to her about everything, but tends to leave her father out of the picture. The relationship with her father doesn't have the opportunity to develop or be strengthened if the daughter is exclusively going to her mother. I will post more on how include every family relationship as I learn more about it!