Monday, December 12, 2011

blended families

So its been a while since I have posted. I blame my new job. So last week we discussed blended families. Blended families normally consist of a step parent coming into the family. This new family system can be tough to adjust to with, or without step-children coming in as well. Our teachers wife came in to class and gave us a unique insight for she has had experience in the area. What was significant to me is that the new parent that is coming in should make the transition extremely slow. They should be careful not to be overbearing or too passive. What is really important to the couple during this time is that they respect one another and have mutual understandings without challenging disciplinary methods with the children. Another important thing is to act like one family system. Too often a family acts like separate subgroups and never blend. A system such as this will not be very successful.