Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A touchy subject- homosexuality

I am late writing this. Life happens. Last week class was very enlightening. we discussed a topic that is often never discussed within the education system. We discussed homosexuality and the patters that have been observed to cause homosexuality. Contrary to what the media has presented, more scientific studies and observations are concluding that homosexuality is not an orientation you can be born into. Another pattern observed is that those who consider themselves to be gay have been sexually abused previously in their life. We continued to discuss what the leaders in our church have addressed homosexuality. They have acknowledged that homosexuality is a legitimate thing that individuals are faced with. They continue to plainly say that acting upon these feelings is wrong. Something significant that they addressed is how they have the same expectations for those who have homosexual feelings as those who are heterosexual. They expect that they will remain pure and not act upon immoral temptations. 

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